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Housing fund is one of the main components of national wealth. The state of housing development in the country is a legitimate concern and is the most urgent social problem, the solution of which becomes the most important task of society. The global technogenic crisis is under way, and therefore, a significant part of the population needs an urgent solution to the problem of saving and preserving housing.

In connection with the spread of rumors among the citizens of the city about the lack of reliability of quality indicators of blocks of cellular concrete, which has now become widely used in housing construction, the results of the study and conclusions on it are relevant.

The survey of residential development was carried out on the basis of residential buildings of a new neighborhood, which is just a vivid example of the massive use of aerated concrete. A large-scale project of integrated residential development of the microdistrict.

On the territory of the microdistrict are residential buildings, administrative buildings, residential buildings with administrative premises, shops, beauty salons, pharmacy, family doctor's medical center, children's development center, post office, cafe, veterinary clinic.

In the microdistrict building is dominated by five floors, as well as four and eleven floors. During the study, special attention was paid to them.

In the article it is proved that the reason of unsatisfactory waterproofing of the external walls of the studied buildings is not the aerated concrete from which the protective walls are made, but the lack of proper control over observance of state standards in the performance of construction and installation work in the construction of residential buildings.

The authors proposed ways to eliminate similar phenomena in buildings, in which designers are using the blocks of cellular concrete.

Keywords: cellular concrete, deformations of aerated concrete exterior walls, humid shrinkage, cement-carbonate-perlite mortar.



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