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Most distribution at the passive sunny heating got such constructions as a wall of Tromba-Michel , convection loop and similar structural elements them . In these constructions in particular and in the construction of wall of Tromba-Michel, sunny energy grows into thermal energy and accumulates in the array of construction for a day. In a night period the accumulated energy comes in an apartment as a result of heat-conducting of array of wall and as a result of heating of air, that circulates at the wall of Tromba-Michel broken a secret to the air layer. This air is heated close to the surface of massive wall, and then warmed-up air comes in an apartment. At a permanent thermal stream through a protective construction the heat-conducting of massive wall can be also examined as a stationary process of heat exchange. It allows next to the processes of heat exchange to consider also and aerodynamic processes. In some cases experimental researches allow to get new results, however these results answer the terms of realization of experiment, and authenticity them also limited to the scopes of realization of experiment. With the aim of receipt of more reliable mathematical model, on the first stage will consider the physical model of processes of heat exchange and aerodynamic processes, that take place in the convective elements of constructions of the passive heating, in particular to the wall of Tromba-Michel. Most interest presents the process of heat exchange, that takes place on the external surface of massive wall, on that sunny energy comes as a short-wave radiation. This energy is partly reflected, and partly taken in by a surface. As a result of absorption and transformation of sunny energy in thermal, the surface of massive wall is heated and in turn radiates thermal energy as a long wave radiation, and also heats air, that moves near her surface. 

Keywords: solar energy, heat exchange, kerogomagranite wall, measurement, residential building, infrared thermometer.

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, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy

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