• T. Dubelt Odessa State Academy of Building and Architecture
Keywords: factors, reconstruction indexes, reconstruction models, mathematical analysis, charts of dependency


The article deals with the study of impact of organizational and technological factors   on the index of reconstruction profitability of   dwellings of   first mass series on condition of habitants’ eviction while doing operations. We find lack of information on the methodology of the study of such objects in informative sources . Factual   dwellings’ reconstruction has an incidental character and does not allow to define the impact of factors on the indexes of reconstruction because it takes place by fixed values  of factors and limited quantities of objects.  And as a consequence we find investors’ unwillingness to put money into the reconstruction of the dwellings of  typical series. The purpose of the study is to define the efficient solutions of reconstruction of the dwelling of  typical series 1-4382.5-7. The given task is solved by making abstract models of the series imitating reconstruction’s operations by simultaneous impact of organizational and technological factors. While conducting the investigation we defined the factors and the levels of their variation that have impact on the dwellings’ reconstruction. The plan of multiple experiment was elaborated considering   the simultaneous effect of the given factors on   reconstruction indexes. On the basis of the given series of dwelling we made informative and graphical models, and we also got the indexes of reconstruction. Graphical modeling allowed to obtain numerical values of operations’ durability. Simultaneous impact of factors and the conditions of habitants’ eviction defined numerical value of operations’ cost. With the help of formula we obtained the value of profitability index.  We defined the dependency   of profitability index on varying factors using the methods of mathematical analysis. It is shown in the form of dependency charts and is described by mathematical formula. We substantiated the admissible numerical values of profitability index of reconstruction of the dwellings of first mass series. The conclusions about effective solutions on reconstruction of such dwellings are made by graphical image and the areas of effective solutions are defined

Author Biography

T. Dubelt , Odessa State Academy of Building and Architecture

postgraduate of Departament


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