• R. Khrenova-Shymkina National Academy for Public Administration under The President of Ukraine
Keywords: project activity, public authorities, human capital, communications, monitoring


The article deals with the nature and content of project activity as an object of scientific research. It is determined that the project management toolkit provides opportunities for ensuring the efficiency of public administration and the need for its decentralization, facilitating business development by improving the provision of public services, while reducing their cost and complexity. The essence of the concept of project management has been investigated and the relationship of projects with the activities of public authorities, the government, which can be traced through the implementation of programs at the state level or measures to fulfill the commitments undertaken by local authorities, has been identified. Attention is drawn to the fact that the project activity of public authorities has a number of features, among which the key are its regulation (time constraint), compliance with community requests, focus on territorial unit development and openness. The author also suggested a scheme of project activity and considered all components of this process. Particular attention is paid to the factors that improve the effectiveness of project implementation: the knowledge component - human capital, process monitoring, sources of funding and communications. The article also presents the author's classification of the project activity of public authorities, depending on the goals, the main types of project activity were separated: social orientation (solving problems of overcoming poverty, preserving the health of the population, observing human rights, ensuring the well-being and safety of children, etc.); infrastructural character (development of public transport network, improvement of public services, improvement of logistics on roads, location and number of pre-school educational institutions, etc.); environmental orientation (environmental protection, conservation of reserves, construction of treatment plants and introduction of the best treatment technologies, development of secondary production, etc.); investment nature (development of recreation and tourism areas, the spread of digital technologies in public services (SMART technologies), implementation of joint projects with business companies within the framework of corporate social responsibility programs and public-private partnerships, etc.).

Author Biography

R. Khrenova-Shymkina, National Academy for Public Administration under The President of Ukraine

postgraduate of Departament


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