• О. Tarayevskiy Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
Keywords: gas, underemployment, stressful situation, density, mathematical model


On the basis of the system approach and analysis of the conditions of operation of transit main gas pipelines, analytical studies of the stresses occurring on the internal surface of the gas pipeline under the conditions of the obverse and reverse operation modes have been carried out. The method of determination (prognostication) of durability of long exploited pipelines, operated in complex mining and geological conditions was proposed. It was shown that during such exploitation of gas pipelines non-project modes are being found that require a detailed analysis of the use of their production capacities, and as a result it has been established that the study section in such conditions. The technique for determining the permissible level of arbitrarily oriented stresses acting on the investigated section of a gas pipeline with a complex technological structure and laid on a section with a disturbed equilibrium of the Earth is developed. It has been proved that the cyclic operation of pipelines and their structural elements in difficult geological conditions leads to an abnormally high background tension, which leads to a decrease in their predicted lifetime. It is proposed to carry out operational control of the stressed-deformed state of pipeline sections laid in complex mining and geological conditions and which have complex technological features. The principle of optimization of gas transportation by pipelines, passing in one technological corridor on the criterion of minimum negative impact on the environment was improved. The technique of determining the potential impact radius, which simultaneously takes into account the mode of operation of the gas pipeline, its actual technical condition, as well as the parameters of abnormal areas with disturbed equilibrium of the earth, was proposed. The developed method allows determining the necessary security zone on each individual site, in particular, to substantially reduce or increase it in relation to existing real conditions. In order to design new gas pipelines, there will be no pipelines in the same technological corridor, and for existing pipelines operated in the same technological corridor, it will be possible to reduce the impact of the emergency situation or even make it impossible because of optimal loading of the gas pipelines. The expediency of carrying out such experiments and the results obtained will allow to prevent accidents and failures of gas pipelines that lies in complex mining and geological conditions, to ensure their reliability during long service life as well.

Author Biography

О. Tarayevskiy, Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

Professor Department of Gas and Oil Pipelines and Gas and Oil Storage


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