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Solar energy is one of the industries of alternative and renewable energy, it is based on the conversion to other forms of energy, for example, into electricity or heat. Solar energy is exclusively ecological and does not pollute the environment. The conversion of solar energy into electricity is the most promising area of ​​renewable energy, which is actively developing. The role of electricity in the modern world is hard to overestimate. Electric current is a unique carrier of energy that is suitable for use in all spheres and processes of human life. The climate and geographical position of Ukraine, favorable for the development of solar energy and the construction of solar power plants.

The full use of our main source of renewable energy, the Sun, has always been limited to the technological level of civilization. Recent advances in scientific and technological progress in the field of curbing solar energy over the past 20-30 years have made it possible to use it on a large scale not only for industrial and research purposes, but also at the level of domestic use - for generating heat and generating electricity.

Solar panels - this is the second attempt of mankind to tame the infinite energy of the Sun and make it work for its own benefit. Solar panels are combined photovoltaic cells (photo cells) - semiconductor devices that convert solar energy directly into direct current, unlike solar collectors. For the installation of a large number of solar cells, solar parvkovka - is one of the popular methods of application offered on a narrow basis of solar panels. Modern car parks occupy fairly large areas, these territories can be used to advantage both for the residents themselves and for our planet as a whole.

An alternative to solar panels is solar concentrators. Their main function is the collection of solar radiation at one point and the conversion of thermal energy into electricity. The possibilities of direct conversion of thermal energy into electricity based on the effects that occur in solids have long attracted the attention of researchers and developers of various equipment. Thermoelectric phenomena have a very wide range of applications. Based on them, unique thermoelectric generators have been created.

 Keywords: solar panels, ecology, architecture, hub, alternative energy, experime

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, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy

магістрант кафедри «Теплоенергетики та гідроенергетики»

, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy

доцент канд. техн. наук, кафедри «Теплоенергетики та гідроенергетики»



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