elevator industry, quality of services, reproduction of fixed assets, maintenance


The article deals with organizational measures that will allow to improve the reconstitution process of the elevator industry in Ukraine in the coming years. There were determined the main reasons for the elevator industry unsatisfactory situation. Based on the given examples of inefficient pricing, a new single benchmark for the elevator maintenance for all the Ukrainian cities is proposed to approveIt was also proposed to calculate the full cost of the elevator maintenance and approve it in each city form of government based on the specific conditions of elevator operation. The financing sources of the elevator industry were analyzed. It has been determined that neither the state nor the local government administration is capable to fully carry out major repairs, modernization or replacement of the elevators which are over 30 years old, and the present law does not require the elevator owner to accumulate money for elevator stock repairs or modernization. Therefore, the use of the accelerated depreciation for the elevator industry is given as one of the promising measures. Other measures to finance the elevator industry have also been proposed. For example, taking into account the specific features of this industry, financial lease can be the most attractive source, where the combination of legal and economic relations is meant. They arise when buying the property equipment, but it can be taken a lease only after the contract expiration and paying out the full cost of the leased property. Deeper studies of the elevator industry situation made it possible to conclude that it is impossible to reproduce the whole structure of fixed assets at the same time in short terms. Thereby, it is necessary to develop an organizational and economic mechanism for managing the process of the elevator industry reconstitution in Ukraine. In our opinion this mechanism should include institutional, organizational, economic, normative-methodological and informational components. The conclusions and recommendations were made based on the study.

Author Biography

I. Pylypenko, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

graduate student


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