• L. Chagovets Simon Kuznets Kharkov National University of Economics
  • V. Chahovets State Biotechnological University



мodel, classification trees, forecasting, digitalization, indicators of digitalization, telecommunication development


The article is devoted to development issues of identification and forecasting models of countries digitalization status in world space. The problems and prospects of countries digitization are becoming relevant at the current stage of the technological sphere development of mankind was proved. Digitization is becoming the most important factor in the economic growth of any country and is generally a modern trend in its development. Untimely elimination of digitalization problems can cause negative consequences in the scale of the entire country's economy. Therefore, the prospects of the digital development of countries and the corresponding models of identification and forecasting of their digitalization status require special research. It will reveal the factors of digital growth. In addition, the work shows that the justification based on the system approach and assessment of the sustainable digital development of countries using modern methods of system analysis and multidimensional analysis Data Science, as one of the most effective in performing mathematical modeling of the researched processes status, has not received sufficient development in scientific works and needs further development. Therefore, the purpose of the article is to improve the complex of mathematical models for estimation and analyzing countries digitalization status in world, which, unlike others, will be built on the basis of intellectual analysis methods of multidimensional objects. Based on the set purpose, the distribution of the world countries by clusters on the basis of spatial and dynamic data sampling is carried out and analyzed in the article. Using the methods of multidimensional analysis and Data Science, the positioning of Ukraine in relation to the countries of the world was found. It has been established that Ukraine belongs to the countries with an average status of digitization and at the same time below average rates of socio-economic development. In order to predict the status of countries digitization, experiments were conducted on the construction of various types of classification tree models and the best model was obtained. A detailed analysis of the links between the set of digitalization and countries socio-economic development indices allowed us to come to a conclusion about the high level of their mutual influence and the importance of forming a system of measures in these directions to ensure the proper level of country digital development.

Author Biographies

L. Chagovets, Simon Kuznets Kharkov National University of Economics

PhD. Sc. Associate Professor

V. Chahovets, State Biotechnological University

PhD. Sc. Associate Professor


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Chagovets, L., & Chahovets, V. (2023). IDENTIFICATION AND FORECASTING MODELS OF COUNTRIES DIGITALIZATION STATUS IN WORLD SPACE. Municipal Economy of Cities, 1(175), 2–12.