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The process of planning, organization, management and control is a fundamental tool in the administrative process.

The business plan is a powerful tool that allows managers and entrepreneurs to ease their work and avoid making decisions that can lead to investment risks. Therefore, it's worth taking time to prepare a good business plan so that risks and threats can be detected in advance, avoiding the inconvenience and possible future losses that can seriously undermine the investment.

The study discusses the business plan's effectiveness as a management tool, identifies critical planning factors such as the company's business plan needs to be able to manage it and present its idea to investors, banks, clients, the ability to assess the risks inherent in business the entities that provide funding, the lack of basic planning concepts for micro and small business owners.

The proposed business plan structure, which has been tested by dozens of small businesses and business incubators and has received good results, also focuses on the importance of periodic review of the business plan as a key factor in helping the entrepreneur to succeed. His format was derived from the analysis of publications, articles, books and real business plans used by some companies, and the development of dozens of business plans for different target audiences.

It is determined that regardless of the size and type of business plan, its structure should include the presented sections, not isolated, but in close connection with the completion of the business planning cycle, with consistently determined actions and viable results, based on a thorough analysis. market and current situation in the company.

Each business plan must be designed and used in accordance with some basic rules, but they are not static and allow the entrepreneur to use his work or common sense, emphasizing one aspect or another that is most interesting to the target audience of the business plan.

Keywords: business plan, business plan structure, investment, planning, enterprise.

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, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

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