GIS for highways & roads are able to solve such problems:

  • visualization and positioning of objects on electronic maps;
  • planning the allocation of material resources;
  • making information management decisions for the choice of pavement management strategy.

This range of GIS capabilities, as well as the need to process large volumes of information, stimulates the integration of roads GIS and pavement management systems (PMS). The large-scale implementation of GIS in PMS led to the creation of a GIS - integrated information system for pavement managing (PMIS). The most widespread are PMIS, in which GIS is designed as a platform on which PMIS is built on and operates. For solving PMIS problems, the most versatile are GIS, which are built using the ArcGIS platform, or using PostGIS, QGIS, MapServer, OpenLayers software. This is due to the wide capabilities of these systems in terms of analysis, data management, geocoding, working with raster images, automatic generation of network object diagrams.

Despite the existence of a general regulatory framework, the complexity of creating PMIS in Ukraine is due to:

  • the lack of documentation on a significant part of the roads which are in operation;
  • the lack of specialized software that allows one to combine the results of surveys conducted at different times and store heterogeneous data;
  • insufficient equipment of road agencies with modern equipment for the certification and inventory of the road network.

To create the conditions for the functioning of PMIS in Ukraine, it is necessary to:

  • conduct large-scale surveys of highways with the involvement of technical means that allow obtaining real-time data in digital form (satellite navigation systems, georadars, video diagnostics tools, deflectometers, remote sensing and laser scanning methods);
  • development of data analysis methods and software for solving problems of estimating and predicting the condition of pavement;
  • development of models and applications that implement scenarios of service strategies and predict the pavement state;
  • development of a PMIS model on the GIS platform using geodatabases.


Author Biographies

A. Batrakova, Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Departament

S. Urdzik, Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University

assistant of Department

Y. Dorozhko, Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Department


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