employee with disabilities, occupational safety, risk assessment, Markov chains.


Contemporary world approaches in the area of prevention of occupational injuries are based on a risk-oriented approach whose purpose is to provide on the probative foundation of information base for decision-making on risk management in order to prevent an increase the level of injuries. Risk assessment is an important step in preventative work of injuries prevention at the workplace, which should be carried out by the employer according to the Law of Ukraine "On Occupational Safety", since the employer is responsible for creating appropriate and safe working conditions at the workplace. Risk assessment gains particular importance by the assessing the adequacy of safety measures at the workplace of a worker with disabilities. The vulnerability of this category of workers due to health problems leads to the need to pay increased attention from management to production equipment, process and environment. The uncertainty regarding to the health status of a worker with disabilities and the necessary working conditions to be ensured is due to the insufficient level of information support of source documentation, namely, the individual program of rehabilitation of a person with disability. The aim of the article is to develop a scientific approach to the study of the risks of injury to an employee with disability due to irrational workload and neglect of his health. The article discusses the issues of modeling the impact of working process factors on an employee using Markov chains. The result of the study is to obtain a system of mathematical equations, the integration of which makes it possible to obtain the probabilities of being an employee with a disability in a certain state of professional disability. The use of Markov chains allows exploring the likelihood of being an employee with a disability in a state of overwork as a result of a certain production load, which allows developing an effective mechanism for adapting the work process and increasing the level of safety in the workplace.

Author Biography

K. Danova, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

Ph.D., Associate Professor


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