• O. Pavlenko Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University
  • D. Muzylyov State Biotechnological University



model, delivery, grain, container, unit costs, international transportation


The paper analyzed the current state and prospects for the development of grain seed delivery systems in international routes, including option using containers, which made it possible to form the study purpose in this research. The chosen topic is quite relevant because the rational organization of goods delivery in containers allows increasing the efficiency of transport systems functioning. The effective use of transport resources (ports, railway stations, trains, trucks, containers) is one of the directions to make delivery costs cheaper. The fact was established that considerable attention paid to the development of transport infrastructure, solving problems on the effective resources using, implementation of digital technologies and models designing of reliable delivery systems in previous scientific researches. A structural model has been designed, which consists of a system for delivering grain seeds in containers from the USA to Ukraine and is represented by the interaction of subsystems that have a significant impact on the functioning quality and take into account the possible risks associated with waiting for operations performance and the peculiarities of paperwork for international transportation. Five interaction schemes have been formed for participants of goods supply in containers based on used maritime routes, railway transport capabilities, a highways network and warehouse systems. These schemes identify the main departure ports in the United States (New York and Savannah) and destination ports in Europe (Rotterdam, Gdańsk and Odessa), as well as take into account the possibility of resources using of highway and railway transport in the European countries and Ukraine. Unit delivery costs were chosen as a parameter for evaluating an effective model selection during the week, influenced by cargo order intensities, cargo order volumes, and transportation mileages in a certain chain of the corresponding i-th transport kind. The designed models of the system functioning for delivering grain seeds in containers from the USA to Ukraine allow operators to take into account random factors influence, considering the peculiarities of performing relevant operations on different kinds of transport, assess the possibility of using transport resources, as well as determine the influence level of established parameters.

Author Biographies

O. Pavlenko, Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University

candidate of technical sciences, associate professor

D. Muzylyov, State Biotechnological University

candidate of technical sciences, associate professor


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Pavlenko, O., & Muzylyov, D. (2022). MODEL OF FUNCTIONING CEREALS SEED DELIVERY SYSTEM IN CONTAINERS FROM THE USA TO UKRAINE. Municipal Economy of Cities, 4(171), 179–184.

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