• Yu. Kostyuk LLC "Prime Energy Group"
  • A. Tertishnik LLC "Elmet"
  • S. Nesterenko O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv
Keywords: cathodic protection, anode grounding, magnetite, coke breeze, pulse converter automatic control.


The data on the introduction of new energy-saving technologies of cathodic protection – the installation of magnetite ground electrodes, the use of new activators based on coke breeze, a pulse converter for automatic control of cathodic protection objects are considered. Practical results show that the use of magnetite anodes allows maintaining a high permissible current density, therefore, it is suitable for widespread use in various soils and seawater. The rate of dissolution of magnetite is 0.02 kg / (A • year). Magnetite anodes are also successfully used for the repair of GAZ wells (deep earthing conductors made of metal pipes). To perform this type of work, a typical project has been developed, which allows restoring the operability of deep anode grounding with minimal costs and without the use of expensive drilling operations. The use of activated coke breeze significantly reduces the transition resistance of the anode grounding. It has been practically proven that when using a coke-mineral activator, the transition resistance is significantly reduced due to an increase in the electrical conductivity of the filler at the anode space, the geometric dimensions and current of the diverting object increase, and the transition resistance of the anode - ground is stabilized.

LLC "Elmet" has developed a pulse converter of automatic control IPAU designed to convert alternating current into rectified direct current with the possibility of automatic adjustments in several parameters. The basis of the converters is a high-frequency transistor inverter, developed on the basis of the latest achievements in power electronics. The use of stations of the IPAU type with telemetry allows to reduce labor costs for their maintenance in accordance with clause R.6.1 DSTU B V.2.5-29: 2006 Gas supply system. Underground steel gas pipelines and p. 8.9 of DSTU 4219: 2003 Steel main pipelines, which will make it possible to use the freed up personnel in other areas.

Author Biographies

Yu. Kostyuk, LLC "Prime Energy Group"


A. Tertishnik, LLC "Elmet"


S. Nesterenko, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

PhD, Associate Professor


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KostyukY., TertishnikA., & NesterenkoS. (2021). ENERGY SAVING TECHNOLOGIES IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF CATHODIC PROTECTION OF PIPELINES AND TANKS. Municipal Economy of Cities, 3(163), 109-116. Retrieved from

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